Vectorpunk Masks

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Vectorpunk Masks

It has been a difficult time for humanity, the COVID-19 pandemic has united the world in fear and grief but also resolve to protect those more venerable in our society. Vectorpunk being involved in events lost most work options as the lockdown descended upon us in March in Sydney, Australia but has activated to produce a range of protective art masks. 

In an attempt to keep the business ticking over and help prevent this insidious viral spread the range has been launched, masks can be sent to any address in Australia. All the masks are hand-printed and machine sewn at the Vectorpunk home isolation studio. They delve into the Vectorpunk back catalog of counter-cultural designs that span 3 decades. The masks can be worn on their own or supercharged with inserting extra filters or a whole P1/P2 mask.They have been kept affordable, $15 gets you one to your door with Australia. They can also be customised with a logo for a business, message me for details. 

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