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In these difficult times, it's more important to protect ourselves against Coronavirus now unfortunately on the loose again in NSW and beyond as we enter 2021. Mask stocks are quite low at the moment but there are about 80 in stock across various styles. All styles will be available again in 2 weeks. 
So only certain styles available and we've had to temporarily halt kids sizes, kids over 7-8 can wear adult sizes, kids sizes will be back soon. 

Priced at a very affordable cost: $21.95 sent to your door Australia wide.


Currently in the Vectorpunk Facemask range:


  1. The Saboteur
  2. Pirate Compass
  3. Optical Mayhem
  4. Mad Arrows
  5. Blue Revolutions
  6. Green Speaker
  7. Golden Fractal
  8. Rave Against The Machine
  9. Sound System
  10. Golden Graff
  11. Connect
  12. Solar Technology
  13. Clouds
  14. Green Dream
  15. Skeletron
  16. Green Teeth
  17. Easy Tiger
  18. Black Block ( plain black )
  19. Love Revolution

Vectorpunk masks can be used on their own or boosted for extra protection utilising the filter pocket. Filter material such as tissue paper, other filter material, or whole P1/P2 masks can be inserted. The masks are 3 layers, the inner 2 layers make up the pocket that can accommodate filers or other masks. 

Addison Road assistance

Vectorpunk would like to give you a chance to donate $5 per mask to Addison Road Community Centre who has activated with a bunch of volunteers to distribute free food to those in need during the COVID crisis. 

If you would like to include a $5 donation, please chose the "$5" from the "Donation" dropdown options on the right of this page 

Here are a few mask designs modelled by our team:


The masks come in adult and kids sizes. When we say kids, under 8 years is kids sizes
Any age above 8 would be best to get the adult size.

Get your inner big cat on...

Custom logo-printing is also possible - we have recently provided custom prints for other companies companies with their own logo.

Email vectorpunk33@gmail.com for to make an inquiry. 

The World Health Organisation has recently put out a body of information

regarding mask-wearing to stop the spread of Corona Virus...

Much more info can be found here...