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Vibe Tribe ladies Zipper Hood in black 

Way back at the dawn of Doof when electronic music created a new mantra for counter culture around the world Vibe Tribe exploded out of the underground of so-called Sydney and Northern New South Wales putting on people power charged life-changing parties that were not for profit but for maximum community vibes.

Events were free of never more than $20 and were put together by many hands in warehouses, beaches, fields, and parks that attracted a massive and diverse crowd.

Funds raised went towards the next party or environmental and social justice groups. The music was fresh and pumping, the message was anarchic and earth-centric and the people were positive and up for challenging the status quo.

 Vibe Tribe set a precedent for the maximum vibe, egoless and going off events that wove its way through the last 3 decades of events in so-called Australia, the beat goes on and twenty-five odd years later we find ourselves still challenging the system of destruction using music and art or whatever means necessary.

These Vibe Tribe shirts never made before are coming from one of the original crew members, the T-shirts and muscle tops are on organic fabric, the hoodies are not.

$5 from every sale goes to Bayside Waste Warriors who are a lobby group putting pressure on Bayside council to employ circular economy principles and reduce waste. The group's first project is a petition to the council to ban single-use plastics from their events.

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